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Come in and visit Distant Lands.

Seattle Furniture Store Distant Lands is a retail/wholesale importer of Chinese and Tibetan antique furniture and decorative objects. We find original antiques as well as faithful reproductions. We value the antiques or reproductions that jump out.   We look for  the delicate outline of a Ming chair or the vibrant painted flames of a Tibetan shrine cabinet.

Antique Chinese Furniture

Most of our antique chinese furniture comes from Shanxi Province in Northwest China.  What we bring in is different from classical chinese antique furniture which tends to be made of hardwoods with clear lacquer finishes.  Shanxi antique chinese furniture tends to be made of elm wood with painted lacquer finishes.  There is often more happening in both color and form with Shanxi antique furniture than in classical chinese furniture which tends to be much cleaner but less warm than the vernacular pieces coming from Shanxi.

Distant Lands is located at 109 1st Ave. S. Seattle, WA. 98104 in the Pioneer Square neighborhood.  Generally, our hours are 11 – 6 Wednesday thru Sunday (closed Monday and Tuesday).  Thursday April 17th we will be closing early, 4:30 PM.  We will be closed for Easter on April 20th 2014.  April 23rd and 30th (Wednesdays) we will be closed. May 2nd everything returns to normal.  Very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  See you soon.

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